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Steve Potamis


FinBizMentor was created to achieve one goal: to enhance and fulfill your financial career satisfaction with unbiased, objective and personalized career coaching.

Whether you are shifting your own career objectives or navigating through a changing corporate landscape, FinBizMentor offers personalized mentoring for guidance on any situation.  We offer private 1-on-1 discussion sessions to identify issues and offer actionable solutions.

With over 17 years of work experience in the financial industry, Mr. Potamis has a broad and deep knowledge of Wall Street from various perspectives.

Mr. Potamis has a number of real life experiences to draw from providing a unique view into many corporate cycles as well as various situational themes as described in Areas of Expertise below:

Areas of Expertise


  • Commercial banking
  • Global investment banking: capital markets; treasury; risk
  • Global asset management / hedge funds
  • Financial clearing
  • Corporate treasury

Functional Roles

  • Risk management
    • Capital markets: credit / market risk
    • Financial institutions: credit / operational risk
    • Correspondent clearing: credit / market / operational risk
    • Corporate: credit risk
  • Commercial lending / underwriting
  • Portfolio management / hedging
  • Trading: principal and agency
  • Corporate treasury
  • Capital markets: securitization


  • Commercial loans: syndications, term, revolvers
  • Securitization: abcp, term
  • Cash products: equity, fixed income
  • Convertible bonds
  • Derivatives

Third Party Vendor Analysis

  • Trade Execution Platforms
  • Fundamental credit models
  • Books and records workflow



Personal Guidance

Change and Survival

Your work environment is constantly changing and you need to adapt accordingly.

  • Senior management changes
    • Acquisition or layoff driven
    • New manager
  • New responsibilities
    • New role
    • New task / project
  • Transitioning into financial industry


You are now the manager and need to address strategic and tactical problems. Learn how to succeed.

  • Team Management:
    • Managing up, down and remotely
    • Cross functional projects
  • Integrating into a team

Personal Brand

Identify your core competencies, have a plan and stay relevant.

  • Re-inventing your career
  • Staying put or moving on
  • Positioning for an opportunity
  • Evaluating an opportunity
  • Interviewing

Emotional Intelligence

Hone your communication skills to get the most out of your current situation.

  • Communicating across the firm
  • Utilizing empathy
  • Understanding corporate culture
    • Politics
    • Visibility
    • Positioning



4 Steps


Schedule a Meeting


1st Meeting – Consultation

  • Describe your current challenge(s)/issue(s)
  • Schedule 2nd Meeting

2nd Meeting – Solutions

  • We provide a framework (action plan) to address current challenge
  • Schedule follow-up meeting(s)

3rd Meeting – Execution

  • Feedback & future plan



Jason Hagan

I worked with Steve on several teams at Boston University and, over the 10 years I have known him, I sought his professional counsel countless times. Steve always remains focused on solutions and he has unparalleled integrity. Steve is also exceptionally diligent and consistently the most prepared person in the room. He is personable with excellent interpersonal skills that assures even the most contentious meetings remain focused on the issues. Collectively, Steve’s strengths stack up against the best executives I have worked with in my career

Rachel Yamrus

I have worked with Steve on multiple projects. What first struck me when I started to get to know him was his diligence and proactivity. He takes the time to get to know you and what you’re seeking and is very conscientious about delivering good quality analysis and advice. He applies a thorough approach to problem-solving.

Steve boasts excellent communication skills, in his ability to articulate high-level concepts to junior-level employees as well as converse with senior level-expertise on topics within the financial industry. Steve has a solid background within the industry to help navigate the various possibilities and the pros and cons of each.


Tom Stoner

I have known and trusted Steve for over a decade now.  There are very few people that you meet in your life that can genuinely balance and maintain the integrity and loyalty of a neighborhood friend while simultaneously providing expert professional advice.  Steve is one of these people to me.

Over the years, I have known him in many capacities: friend, mentor, teammate and competitor – he is aware, present, steady, fair, focused and most importantly, consistent in his private and professional dealings.  This transparency combined with a high ethical standard has allowed him to build a rock solid reputation.

On a very personal level, Steve provided me with amazing support during my transition from the public to the private sector.  Because Steve comes from a proud and distinguished military family he is extremely aware of what a transition entails and how to make it successful.  I owe much of my success in finance to Steve’s wise counsel and unwavering support – he was totally vested in my success.

I highly endorse and recommend Steve for the following services: Career Coaching and Mentoring